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Brad Delosa Auto brokers is a boutique car broker based in Melbourne, Australia. We deliver hassle-free car buying and selling services with your best interest at heart. Car purchasing involves great finances; thus, we strive to aid your buying experience with our professional skills and knowledge. Understanding your needs, we guide you through the ins and outs of car selling and buying, ensuring a regret-free decision. Our exceptional servicing and repair services provide a smooth drive without any hindrances prolonging your car's life. We have been in the industry for many years, accrediting ourselves as experts in the motor finance industry. Our consultants accunitvely have over 100 years experience in finding the best car loans at cheapest interest rates across many banks and lenders Australia wide. We understand that each client is different which, is why we operate on a 1-to-1 basis, and treat each finance opportunity uniquely.



It’s hard to leave unscathed when venturing into others territory yet, the power of knowledge is a saving force that can shield you. Walking into a dealership or private seller is nothing different; you need us to advocate your needs and interest.

  • We at Brad Delosa consult with our clients walking you through diverse brands, models, and specifications. Precisely, we serve what suits your needs.
  • Car buying becomes quite convenient and comfortable with the car already determined.
  • Purchasing a vehicle is a significant monetary, time and energy investment. However, the automobile industry- like any other sectors, has its own jargon unknown to a layman.
  • We are the inside people- with all the tactics and strategies at our fingertips, we can secure your benefit at each step, for example, best car, low price and premium servicing.

Car Buying or Selling; We Have Got You Backed Up

Brad Delosa Auto Brokers Car Selling Service

We run an honest valuation of your car to determine its worth and provide you with an unrivalled sale price. Car selling also requires time, energy And patience; however, at Brad Delosa Auto Brokers, we save your time with sincere car evaluation and purchasing.

No Commissions Deals on Cars

Employing our car broker services, you can rest assured we don't receive any commissions or work for any dealerships. Also, our work ethics makes no compromises for any hidden charges or biased approach to brands. As a result, our primary focus is finding you the best car deal possible, how is that for service!

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