Brand Delosa Auto Brokers manages your most preferred brand, Ford. The Ford motor company, or Ford, is a worldwide American Auto manufacturer company that Henry Ford founded in 1903. It has been an essential piece of the automobile history. Five years later, in 1908, Ford introduced Model T, which went successful. After the success of Model T, Henry decided to establish the overseas manufacturing plant in 1911. The year 1913 was an accelerator for Ford, and they introduced an assembly line for cars. There were five lacs Model Ts we witness by Mid 1914. Ford Motor Company pioneered large-scale automobile production and industrial management techniques - named as Fordism. 1927 was the last year for Model Ts; Ford decided to launch a new edition Ford V-8 in 1932. Six years later, they decided to introduce a low-price car to target the upper-middle class. Fast-forwarding to the 21st century, the president of that time announced a rescue plan for Fords and two other automobile manufacturers to help them survive. The government granted almost thirteen billion dollars loan for them. Fighting with bankruptcy, Ford found out its way to get out of trouble. Increased sales helped the company to breathe. In 2016, they introduced the idea of self-driving. In 2018, the company announced to keep its focus on SUV, pickups and crossovers. Today it manufactures cars, trucks, tractors, automobile accessories and many more. The company has extended its partnerships to China, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and Russia. Ford divides its automobiles into three categories:

: Ford: This is the original brand which Henry founded in his late thirties. This brand deals with cars and commercial vehicles, the most common we see nowadays.

2: Lincoln: Lincoln is named after “Abraham Lincoln” and is famous for luxurious cars. Besides the vehicles, Lincoln also manufactures luxury crossovers and SUVs.

3: Troller: Farias founded troller in 1955, Ford Motor Company acquired it in 2007. This sub-brand is famous for off-road vehicles, including racing and sports cars. Troller T-4 is a top-notch model for the troller.

Jaguar and Land Rover were sold to Tata motors in 2008 and are no more part of Ford. The company discontinued Mercury in 2011. It was famous for the manufacturing of entry-level automobiles.


The automobiles and commercial vehicles are selling under the Ford brand, and most luxury cars are under the Lincoln brand. The automobiles are not natural environment friendly, but the brand has taken initiatives to sustain the beauty of the natural environment. They have launched flexible-fuel vehicles, electric cars, hybrid electric vehicles, plugin electric vehicles, PC power management.


People tend to buy Ford cars because it is the best in the town with turbocharged engines. Also, it is the second-largest brand in America to produce affordable electric cars which are environment friendly. The top-notch performance, quality and style attract customers interested in purchasing “the best”. If you are also looking for a car made by the Ford manufacturer, feel free to contact us. We deal with buying and selling of Ford cars in enormous areas.


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